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In love with Lake Superior

Tumultuous waves

Where I retreat late at night

Laughing or crying 

Illustrous lake

World-deemed inanimate

Harboror of hearts


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Many dread your tail,
the humanness of clawed hands,
I adore it all.


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What if our heart,

ever beating metaphor,

could only break once?

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Blood Brothers

Through their fighting screams
my nephews bleed together
a brother’s true love.

Weep for them often;
in this segregated world
their love is questioned.


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Misconstrued Magesty

Lack of vertebrae,
limbs numbering high or low,
so you are vermin.

Still I will look down
rather than peer at the sky
to not let you die.



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Ode to Brews

It’s your glass tint, translucent brown, that turns me on. The way you condensate, soak oak with a staining circle. How you froth, how you know your way from neck to throat. Your IPA, your amber ale, dark, blonde, it doesn’t matter. You’re an A+. AA, I’ll never attend. Your clear UV coating, green glass, guarding you from the sun. The warmth in my sternum, the jello of my legs. The extra layer on my hips that won’t shrink or grow. The way you keep coming back, claim coins from my pocket, pennies from my purse. The way you, 12 oz, feel like 200 lbs of flesh wrapped around my body, tingling my tongue and pursing my lips.

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Roast Myself

I am stagnant water, the tadpoles, the fish feeding on mosquito larvae.

I am larvae, an earlier version of what I hope I can be. I am afraid of change. I must transform, must dry my wings and fly.

I know no chrysalis, no pupa, my body remains firm. It does not understand change.

I hate my body, how thick, how it lacks wings. I am tree trunk, tell the woodpeckers I am unmovable. I drop no nuts, no seeds. Below the soil, my roots have withered.

I am a cicada. Give me seventeen years, I will shed my exoskeleton. I will become verdant, sing and soar.


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