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Many dread your tail,
the humanness of clawed hands,
I adore it all.



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Blood Brothers

Through their fighting screams
my nephews bleed together
a brother’s true love.

Weep for them often;
in this segregated world
their love is questioned.


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Misconstrued Magesty

Lack of vertebrae,
limbs numbering high or low,
so you are vermin.

Still I will look down
rather than peer at the sky
to not let you die.



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Hammocking Sugarloaf

1000 feet up and I cannot see Canada as Superior stretches her waves across the horizon. Kirtland warblers call as I hang my hammock between Jack pines. Three hammocks, one of cloth, sharing four trunks. I’m swinging over a cliff, over the part of Michigan forgotten, the part some  leave off of maps and even at its very edge. Here you can sip from a flask, drink rain water from basins in the stone. Here you can eat wild blueberries, can sleep overnight off the ground and away from prying eyes. Here, you can be what people were meant to be.

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Haiku of a Lucky Daughter

One day marked for thanks,
for thousands of his kindness
yet there are no words.

Infectious laughter
an upward curled mustache
the man who raised me.

Five Hundred Miles,
a lake, land, highway stretch,
and my empty tank.

Telephone wires
cell towers and satellites
to say I miss you.

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Lake Superior Fog

Ancient Volcanic stone rapped by waves. You next to me, your arms beading like morning grass with fog. My lashes beading black mascara Fishonto my knuckles, no tears. There are men fishing, salmon and trout rubbing scales with stones, the only time of year. Grey-bearded stubble sharper than spider’s teeth. A cavern below us, water rushing sounding like moth wings. The white dust becomes water and rises from the cracks. Crooked eyebrows, you watch lines cast into grey but I can’t see them.



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Pale Palace

Pastel-painted sky,
white wisps of cirrus soaring,
palace for the moon.

Blossoms in my dad's orchard.

Blossoms in my dad’s orchard.


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