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Russian Rats


My drawing of a statue dedicated to lab rats, located in Russia. 


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Series of Drawings of Rats

A few companions to my piece “The Martyrs” on rats and anthropocentrism.

“I told my mother, maybe twice, about the the Karni Mata temple in India, where people worship over 20,000 black rats, revering after traveling long distances to share food with our tiny relatives. The Hindi people who come here believe the rats came about in different manners, yet they all agree on one ting. The rats are humans reincarnated. People share milk with them, are honored to bite food nibbled by hungry teeth, grazed by long whiskers. If a rat is killed, it must be replaced with one of solid silver. Here, they have worth.”



A drawing of a rat’s skeleton I created for a piece of hybrid nonfiction.

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A Painting for Nick

I chose my favorite of his haiku and created a painting for it. This is for his mother. May you rest in peace, Nick.


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My Most Recent Doodle

Drawing Aug 7, 2015 -Hayli

Digitized drawing Aug 7, 2015 -Hayli


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Paintbrush of Possibility

Acrylic is my peyote
my spirituality
my DMT

I swim in the scent
universe bent
just me

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I spent about two hours and three beers painting this tonight. It is an illustration for a short fiction piece I am working on.

My acrylic fluid and moon painting.

My acrylic fluid and moon painting.


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A Well-Seasoned Smile

Pencil Sketch of a Woman

Pencil Sketch of a Woman.

To See more of my artwork, visit this page

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