Dark and Light are not Opposites

I have not posted in a while. Sometimes pain fuels writing, other times it stunts it. It has been two months since the suicide of someone I loved dearly, yet today I found out that he had a shortcut to my blog on his desktop.

Yesterday, I sobbed drunkenly into the arms of countless friends. I can’t remember how I got home.

Today, I published my first paid poem with Haiku Journal!

Last year, I lost three people I truly loved, and three beautiful mammals as well.

This year, I got invited to speak at two conferences and have received full funding for them!

I know this is not a poem or a story, an essay or a painting, I know this is not what you’re used to reading from me, but this needs to be said.

Dark and light, joy and sorrow, these are not opposites. They can exist at the same time, in the same place. Writing is how I balance these things. Writing saves my life every day, whether it’s in a private journal or on this blog among writers much more talented than I’ll ever be.


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2 responses to “Dark and Light are not Opposites

  1. There are gonna be things throughout life that are sad, I wish that I could have been there for you, but you can’t bring yourself down every time you realize he cared. We all know that he did . . . because we all do. Next time instead of being sad, remember that there are those out there that have never had the chance to feel love, and how lucky you are that you did. Look positively into the sadness . . . and never say that you aren’t talented, because I’ve never known anyone that is able to write the way you do. ❤


  2. The people are mammals too. Life is just dark and light, grey is just age

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