Worth Writing

Nothing I wrote was ever worth writing.

Accept, maybe, your name. Which I doodled on everything I found, back of newspapers, napkins at Taco Bell. Combined with my own, pretended it was mine.

Or maybe that L-word I scribbled on a paper airplane and sailed over the cubicle.

Perhaps the notes I snuck in your textbooks to brighten your nights.

Or the words and pictures I drew on dew of your silver truck’s windows, hearts and dicks and smiley faces.

Maybe your favorite kind of tea on my shopping list.

But not all the shit in my journals, the haiku I spewed all over my blog, not diary entries or even the garbage I tried to submit to literary magazines.

And especially not “Let’s just be friends.”

Nothing I write will ever be worth writing.

Now that you jumped.


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6 responses to “Worth Writing

  1. There is nothing more heartbreaking than loosing someone you love, except maybe seeing those you love suffer because of the loss.

    A piece of my heart is in heaven now because a wonderful person is now gone, but I cannot be sad forever.

    I must live on and do all that I can because that persons spirit is now in me and I want them to know that they are not with me just to watch me suffer.

    I want them to be proud of who I am to become, as I was so proud to have them as a friend.

    Watch over me sweet angel and those that are missing you not knowing how to survive without you.

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  2. Hoping this is fiction..


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