Project Uplift

A beautiful, topless, body-confidence photo project from a talented photographer at a small university in Michigan!

Project Girlfriend

A fantastically talented photographer at Northern Michigan University, Areanna Gizelle, started this photo series over a year ago, but its effects are still lingering, uplifting everyone around. These men and women are inspiring, and such inspiration and exposure to joy and diversity is crucial to young people. They love themselves, and that’s the first step in loving each other. There are over 500 images. Take some time to look at them and be inspired yourself. What would your word be?

Here it is: When are you most vulnerable? When are you at your most raw, unique self? What is one word that you feel best defines who you are? The word can not be about a physical attribute, and it has to be a positive word. Now let’s shoot and make something great together. Your uniqueness and my camera can do wonders for this project!

View the entire album here

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