A GIF Exploration of Female Relational Aggression

My other project… Project Girlfriend! How ladies can be happy and band together while combating relational aggression. Life doesn’t have to be a competition.

Project Girlfriend

Examples of relational aggression between women are everywhere, from movies to middle school classrooms and folks in my department at the university where I’m a TA. It’s a terrible thing when women, already confronted with battling other fronts in society, have to battle each other to prove their worth and their capability of being worthy, friendly, loving people.

Why do I care? Because…

We make up lies, rumors, and hurt each other because we think…

And sometimes we feel like…

While I’m teaching a class, watching my students like…

But women’t don’t have to be like this. We aren’t all like this naturally. and it’s not too late to fix that mentality.

And you know, that’s sort of our responsibility as fellow girlfriends.

We need to empower each other, not hurt, demean, or judge each other.

(By the way, your body type is lovely and someone loves it! Be healthy…

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One response to “A GIF Exploration of Female Relational Aggression

  1. this is a realistic post really…i have same feelings.
    why do we have to act so immaturely??? -_-
    i mean we should embrace and celebrate the idea of being a women.

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