To my Sunday IPA

Hello, Hops,
female flower,
flavorful bitter tang,
give me power
for this hour
until I drink again.



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5 responses to “To my Sunday IPA

  1. That’s what they want you to think! 😁😳

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  2. How can you tell if your IPA is male or female?

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    • Hops is a female flower! 🙂

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      • You win this round! Next time I comment I’ll do more research and become victorious!!! Although you could argue that the IPA itself takes a gender role of its own during the brewing process. Therefore it could be said that the IPA is asexual. Conundrum: a difficult problem. If an IPA is brewed in the woods and falls does it make a sound. No…no that’s not what I’m after. If an IPA is brewed in the woods does it maintain the female gender of a flower if no one is there to see the mystical brewers harness the flower’s power. This may be the thought process I’m after. I’ll have to do some serious IPA observations next weekend at an Ale House and get back to you on this. I’ve never once thought to myself while drinking a Sierra Nevada man this womanly beer tastes good on the way down. All this time I may have been doing it wrong! Woe is me.

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      • Sierra Nevada especially is feminine (and my favorite), but your reply was much more poetic so I suppose we tie 🙂

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