DFW Says it Best

“We see it with children–that’s not happiness, that feeling of having to obey every impulse and gratify every desire, it seems to me to be a strange kind of slavery.”

-David Foster Wallace

This man has said something I’ve been trying to express my entire life. I have instincts, I have desires, there are things I’ve craved for years but never reached for. I don’t like being a slave to my biology, the neurotransmitters that beg me to please, just do it. I like the sensation of hunger, of pain, sexual desire, of disappointment because I know I have control over myself. I know I can be better than my body, more than just human. I try to be less selfish, I’m doing all I can. It’s hard, but damn is it satisfying to work toward even a moment of self-transcendence.

I’m sorry for all the suffering that man had to go through to produce the art he did for the world.

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