A Note

At 21, I may be too young to know this, but the real trials of life aren’t being poor and struggling for rent, food, and picking up extra hours at work. They aren’t marked by the number of essays that you have to complete before the week is over or the number of times your car leaves you stranded on the side of the road. Trust me, I’m there.

They are numbered by the people you lose. Whether to death, distance, or time. They are numbered by the struggles of those you care about, with loss or illness. They are numbered by miles, days, years apart. I’ve been there also. Too many times.

The world doesn’t wait to crumble until you find a pillar. (The Cynic)

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t climb out of the rubble and look again. (The Optimist)


The Optimistic Cynic


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5 responses to “A Note

  1. The best thing is that as you get older it gets easier..
    Not really, but it sounded good for a second 😀

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  2. alfredsalmanac

    You make a great point ☺️

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  3. Beautiful sentiment. My greatest fear in life is easily losing the people I love. This post is so very, very true.

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