Meatloaf- Another shot at flash fiction

Donald does not like meatloaf. He recalls the bland flavor that polluted his palate the night before as he plops a brown, overcooked bit into a container for lunch. The ketchup bottle splats his yellow shirt as he tries to coat the charcoaled chunk. It’s his fault, really, that he’ll be eating it. He always tells his wife it’s delicious, and she always makes him extra. He can hear her breathing in the bedroom as he thinks to himself how tired he is. Of meatloaf. Of meetings. Of marriage.


Filed under Micro Fiction

8 responses to “Meatloaf- Another shot at flash fiction

  1. I liked it. It was fresh for me. Well-written!

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  2. basstubes

    Excellent story and an amazing use of language, of repetition, of of, I love ot.

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  3. Nice revealing of character and his situation. 🙂

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