Campus Visitor

A man stands suited under showers.
His shouts reverb off raindrops,
off the bricks of academia,
piercing my rainbow umbrella.
He calls me a whore.
Tells me of my sins.
My sins.
My sins.


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16 responses to “Campus Visitor

  1. sherinsk

    Hayli don’t take me wrong.If we minus religion from life will sin exist?when a married women looks at my face secretly in a public place or me does it back after seconds my mind say oh no she is married,she or me can’t do that.Then my mind question me back who told it is a sin?jesus or my religion?Then i found an athiest answer from answer he said marriage is about trust not about religion or god.
    Anyway physical attraction or relation before marriage we need a religion and jesus to hold on to right?
    You might be thinking i am crazy or childish or stupid right?It is just that i did faults earlier because of lack of knowledge on these things.Like a priest here once said a women’s body parts related to baby making can’t be viewed as sex symbols it is more beautiful than that.Now i have a lover though-my blog and the people i get connected through.
    Stay blessed and you don’t have to put this comment.

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    • Great question. I think everyone has a different opinion on this, but here’s mine: Sin exists with or without religion, but religion can help guide people who need guidance. Many religious leaders are very wise, like the man who told you a woman’s body is beautiful and not just a sex symbol. I also think marriage is about trust and love. You give to your partner, and only your partner, the romance and sexual aspects (as well as friendship), and you trust them to give the same in return. I think many people think about people other than their partner in a romantic way on occasion, but that is sort of like a test of strength. As long as that person never acts on those feelings, then that person loves their partner and has passed the test of trust. Did I answer your questions? 🙂


      • Again, this is just my opinion 🙂


      • sherinsk

        Man I thought for putting this comment alone you won’t visit my blog 🙂
        To put in simple words sin exists like god exists.god just won’t come and stop my hand when i do adultery.It is his logic.Otherwise he would have to do it for every simple mistakes humans commit that is just silly right?He has given all of us freewill and a brain so powerful that can think very wisely and select good from the more thing so many people say using sex for getting pleasure after marriage in the baby making process itself also is a big sin.But there was a video i accidentally tumbled upon where a pastor said that is utter nonsense.God knows it is an enjoyable thing but use it after marriage only with your wife.As simple as that.
        I am a person who don’t like to say or hurt others.But you know what hayli i could have been in a very good job if years back i had this knowledge so that i can control my feelings and weaknesses.Thank you so much for replying and viewing it as a good question.God bless 🙂

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      • Of course it is a good question 🙂 Both of us, every person, will have a different view of such things, especially depending on the person’s spiritual views. Personally, I see nothing wrong with mutual sexual pleasure. It’s a give-and-take situation, both selfish and unselfish, and it could be very beautiful. And if you’re going with a religious view, why would it be pleasurable if your God didn’t want it to be? Thanks for the fun discussion 😀


      • sherinsk

        yaa it depends on our view points.God made it for the purpose of baby making.And surely he doesn’t wanted it to be a painful thing.Yaa pleasure is ok with him but only with wife that is what the pastor said before marriage sin 🙂


  2. Awesome job! I can see this happening, unfortunately. Hopefully this is just a thought experiment.

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  3. This leaves me imagining the backstory…powerful words.

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