Unstill Birth

Cattail caress my clavicle as I backstroke.

I close my eyes and feel the lilies brush my bottom,

Feeling for the center where the water is cool.

I feel the contractions,

Fickle as the fish below my waist,

Quicken like the cicadas in the dusk.

My feet dare to reach for the sludge

And find none.

I am a wave in once-still water,

Cramping and curling into myself.

I fight my own weight to stay afloat,

Much heavier than just months before,

Oblivious to the shore.

I call out, but we are here alone,

She in her fluid and me in mine.

I cry and choke, swallowing the reflected stars.

My wretched limbs give up on both of us

As the lilies mock my undress.


Filed under Poems

8 responses to “Unstill Birth

  1. A sublimely tactile piece – nice work H.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m with Michael wow. Hope this was poetic license. Wow. Awesome.


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