My First Shots at Micro Fiction

Bath Time

I set the shower head down and rub generic green shampoo across my son’s freckled chest and down his arms before rinsing again. He giggles and blows bubbles with the soap in his mouth.

My dad used to give me showers like this, only we had a special soap that smelled like watermelon. He would lather it up in my hair and spike it like a rockstar’s. When dad lathered the soap like that the whole bathroom would fill with bubbles, floating like weightless pearls.

Five Year Anniversary

She drags her cigarette slowly, delaying.

“You’ve been drinking a lot,” she says.




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2 responses to “My First Shots at Micro Fiction

  1. Bath Time reminds me of the green apple soap my mom used to bathe me when I was little.


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