I spent about two hours and three beers painting this tonight. It is an illustration for a short fiction piece I am working on.

My acrylic fluid and moon painting.

My acrylic fluid and moon painting.


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15 responses to “Juice

  1. Truly stunning visual. Deeply appreciated.

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  2. Artists always amaze me. Wouldn’t even know how to begin something like this. Bravo.

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  3. You painted that?! OMG! It so beautiful & inspiring… I used to paint too-You know, but not professional stuff like this, before I kinda dived into architecture. So I know the value of this!
    Please keep it up! ☺

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  4. My Poetry Posts

    It is great and one can see it complimenting a science fiction story.

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    • Thank you! It’s actually a piece involving child abuse and prescription drug abuse, which sort of makes it science fiction… in a way 😉


      • My Poetry Posts

        I used to write science fiction, some years ago, and the image sent me in that direction. With any article it is all about getting one’s attention and the image should do the trick… best of luck with it.

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