An Excerpt

This is an Excerpt from a piece I published in The Lighkeeper. They’ve invited me to read it at an event next weekend, and it is available online here.

“Wet paint wrinkles up thin pages like the skin of an aging woman. A quick stroke of coral forms a sagging smile. Form the strong cheekbones and knowing eyes and you have Marilee, a god-fearing woman with an opinion a little too loud. Paint her brokenhearted in a wheelchair by the warped windowpane. Paint the sunrise low on an early September wheat field in marigold, apricot, and burnt sienna. Dip the tip in water and give it a shake before adding midnight blue. If you are careful in your strokes, by the time you reach the bottom the blue will fade to white and you can add clouds of copper and orchid just above the stream. Don’t forget to add the willow Marilee planted forty years ago at her now absent husband’s side. You would climb that tree, young and careless, in a summer skirt and your Tuesday underpants on a Friday. Lick the brush tip and dip it in peridot to get the perfect color for the willow’s wispy leaves. You can’t paint the cicada’s song, but know it is there. Last, paint yourself in a lime and daffodil dress in a chair opposite your grandmother.”

…The rest is here.

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